What In The World?

The pandemic spread of the coronavirus has people all over the world wondering what is going on. All over the world people are trying to cope with this disease and asking what is the reason for it and what can we do about it. I think President Trump put it in the right perspective when he said “We are at war with an enemy we can’t see.” All nations have the capacity to fight wars with enemies they can see, however, fighting wars with an enemy you cannot see is a totally different matter that presents numerous questions that we don’t have the answer to. This brings about confusion as different people have different ideas which intensifies the confusion. This is the time for people with sound minds rather than those overcome with fear to make national decisions.This coronavirus came upon the world by total surprise, thanks to China’s Communist Party and their natural inclination to lying. This is not to say the Chinese people are bad people, they are not! Their government leaders are deceptive and cruel. Their long term agenda is to take control of the whole world and subjugate it to their suppressive rule. Their rulers have proven themselves to be smarter that the rulers of America as well as most nations around the world. I personally could see this when our government leaders of the Richard Nixon administration granted them “favored nation” status in the late 1960’s. China had a grand plan which had been well thought out and planned since the end of World War II. They knew how to use their vast supply of cheap labor to slowly creep into the markets of capitalist America. They used the powerful blessing of the freest and most blessed nation in the world to literally change their own nation from a third world nation into a world class nation capable of competing with the United States of America in many ways. With the onset of the coronavirus, they are threatening to kill millions of Americans as well as millions more from other nations.

To sum it up, we have a worldwide crisis, that no one knows how devastating it will be nor what we can do to put an end to it. There are answers to all these questions. The first question we need to ask ourselves is why did this happen in the first place and who can help us find the answer. There has to be an answer and where can this answer be found. I am so thankful to God that He has already given us the answer. In fact, He has given the answer over and over again throughout history. Mankind simply cannot figure it out. Let me remind you of a statement the Lord gave me while I was writing my recently published book “The Last Parallel”. The answer is, “History is a wise and powerful orator that cries out to every succeeding generation.” If we read the Bible, we will find that God brought national and international calamities on nations when they became so morally corrupt that He refused to be long suffering with them any longer and brought His judgment upon them. Why can’t we see this? Moreover, why doesn’t the clergy wake up and preach this simple message?

As we study God’s word, we find that God has a vast arsenal of secret weapons that man has no capability to war against. The first display of His most powerful weapon was seen in the flood that covered the whole earth with water in the days of Noah which brought about the death of all mankind except Noah and his family of 8 souls. Since then He has used other weapons in a more measured (limited) way. To subjugate Ancient Egypt to Himself, He used 10 different plagues including a plague that overnight killed all the firstborn of man and beast of Egypt including Pharaoh’s firstborn son. During the early days of Ancient Israel’s newborn nation, He used hornets to rout the enemies of the Israelite army, who had taken refuge in caves throughout the land. Hundreds of years later when His people had forsaken Him and King Ahab and his wife Jezebel had forced idol worship to be the only worship service allowed in the nation, God gave one of the anointed servants by the name of Elijah a powerful and unique gift to shut up heaven that it could not give rain except by his word (power and authority). This brought about a drought that destroyed the lives of many people and every kind of beast. It caused heavy economic hardships and brought the nation to a national crisis. The answer to this was Elijah came out of hiding and called a national summit where he forced the people to determine who Israel’s true God was; Was He the God the Hebrew people had worshipped and trusted for many generations or was it Baal their newly named God? The whole nation had become confused until Elijah showed them undeniable proof that the God they had believed in and worshipped for many generations was the only true and living God. This seemed to settle the question for them for generations to come.

On numerous other occasions God used other weapons from His arsenal to get the attention of His stiff necked, hard headed, stubborn and rebellious people such as earthquakes and the utter loss of their nation to bring His beloved people back to Himself. The Hebrew people have had one common characteristic throughout their history and that has been the rejection of their loving and merciful God and Father. Then nearly 600 years after their capitol city Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 B.C. and they were a captive people to the Roman Empire, God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to pay the sin debt that they could never pay. Only the poorest among His people acknowledged His Son as the promised Messiah that was clearly spoken of by all His anointed prophets from the time of Moses until that very time. The established rulers among the Jews firmly rejected Him, calling Him an imposter and accused Him of blasphemy and demanded His crucifixion. He was crucified on a cross between two thieves but on the third day after his crucifixion He raised Himself from the grave and forty days later He ascended back to Heaven to make intercession for all of Gods people. Unfortunately and tragically many millions in every nation all over the world still reject Him today. This all makes one wonder, is this the root cause of the coronavirus? Is it a weapon from God’s vast arsenal He is using to show mankind who they are and who He is? I hope and trust that the Lord God will extend His mercy and grace to all the nations and people of the earth and He will reveal Himself to all the earth as the Great I am. Even so, O Lord come quickly.

Don Hazen