The Golden Crown

by Donald B Hazen | Dec 15, 2021 | Today’s Message

The Lord instructed Moses to make the Mitre and the Crown to sit upon Aaron’s head when he was to be anointed in order to minister unto Him. This Mitre and Crown signified the power and the authority that the Lord would give Aaron and the Priest (his sons) as they used His word to shape and form the culture of the newly born nation of Ancient Israel. God’s anointing of the Priest gave them deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of His laws as well as the depraved nature of fallen man. This was necessary because God’s people have been stubborn and rebellious against God’s law from the beginning.

God had threatened to destroy the children of Israel shortly after He had miraculously delivered them out of bondage in Egypt and across the Red Sea. The people rebelled against God and when Moses perceived it, he asked the Lord what to do about it, then the Lord told him to get out of the way and he would destroy all of them and raise up a people to Himself from the loins of Moses. Moses was very troubled by this and pleaded mightily unto the Lord not to do that and then the Lord repented of that which He intended to do. The Lord could have taken care of this whole matter, but He chose to give His anointed servants the power and authority to deal with most disciplinary issues.

When this happened, the Lord established the Priesthood and chose Aaron and his sons to be the Administrators of all the Laws God would give Moses, by which the whole nation of Ancient Israel would be ruled. In effect, The Lord gave the Priest, the command and authority to use His laws to shape and form the culture. Every thing about the clothing that the Lord told Moses to make for his brother Aaron and the fact of their anointing was to fore shadow this great incumbency that was laid upon the heart and shoulders of the Priest. The Mitre and the Crown was symbolic of this power and authority.

History has proven time and time again, that the Priest have not always been faithful and diligent in fulfilling their incumbent responsibilities. This often resulted in lengthy periods of national backsliding and idol worship. In such instances and after much patience and longsuffering by the Lord, the Lord would raise up a Prophet with a more powerful gift of knowledge, understanding and vision than the Priest had. No greater of examples do we have than that of David, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah Ezekiel and Daniel. These were Prophets that the Lord used to do the heavy lifting when the Priest had become intimidated by the secular powers of their earthly Kings which brought about severe national crisis’s. In essence the scripture has clearly pointed out the significance of the anointing and the Mitre and Crown that the Priest were commanded to wear in the rendering of their sacred duties.

Now we will move on to our own secular history and see what it teaches as well. Let us begin with that most epic world event when the Mayflower sailed from England in September of 1620. On board the Mayflower was the established church that once met in secret at Scrooby, England. They had been discovered by the British authorities several years earlier and fled to Leiden Holland where they prospered for over 10 years. Then they heard the Spanish were going to invade Holland again and made plans to split up their congregation with two of their pastors and about half of their congregation making plans to go to the New World. With the financial assistance of several wealthy business men they leased the Mayflower and they together with these merchant adventurers and five crew members set sail across the North Atlantic in September 1620 headed to the New World. Though they encountered several storms in route, they finally docked off the coast of what is now known as Massachusetts.

Let us never forget that it was the established and well-organized church which sailed and then by the great Providence of God landed safely on the distance shores of the New World. Let us never forget also, that these church members brought in their bosoms the Judeo-Christian Faith upon which our nation was founded. This church was the mother that gave birth to our nation. It was her husband, the pastors, that guided her with their council based upon the teachings of their bible, which enable them to establish the government by which the new colony would be governed. This was to be the pattern of setting up the governments of the colonies as more and more people came to the New World. Early American History proves the fact that the voices of the pastors of Colonial America were the prevailing voices that shaped and formed the culture of our great nation. In fact, some of the pastors were so involved in the affairs of the local governments until they were often referred to as “Rabble Rousers”. Their involvement in civil government affairs increased steadily throughout the Revolutionary War with some of them obtaining high military offices and even fought beside General George Washington. Two of these pastors were signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. With Scriptural proof and the teachings of our own secular history, how can the present- day clergy be so passive in the governmental affairs of our highly divided nation? Our Churches have become deceived and intimidated and we are largely responsible for losing our culture to the forces of Darkness. We need to study again the intent of our forefathers and what they meant in carefully debating every item of the Constitution. Let us never forget that our Judeo-Christian faith has a 169-year precedent over our Constitution. The justices of the Supreme Court only use the letter of the things written in our Constitution; they are wholly inadequate to make decision based on the Spirit of the things our Founding Fathers really meant. It is high time for some anointed servant of God to publicly remind the Justices of our Court of the Supremacy of our Judeo-Christian faith over their secular decisions, which are turning our nation into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.



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