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“Pastors all over America have become complacent in fulfilling our incumbent responsibilities of forming and shaping our culture for several generations. However, there is victory in this age of Spiritual Darkness, let us rise to the occasion” – Donald B. Hazen


We should acknowledge that our failures in this regard have created a vacuum which has been filled by our political leaders, our national news organizations, our educational system and Hollywood. This has resulted in corruption throughout our entire culture and has caused us to lose our national moral health. Our nation has become confused as to who we are, neither do we any longer know right from wrong according to our founding Judeo-Christian principles.


Much of our moral decline and national sickness is a direct result of decisions made by our Supreme Court beginning in 1947 and continuing to this present time. These decisions have brought on a challenge to the core Judeo-Christian principles our nation was founded upon. This challenge has divided our nation more severely than any issue since the Civil War of the 1860’s. Our political leaders have become so sharply divided that we can no longer have civil dialog to solve our national issues. It is now time for the clergy across America to lay aside our ecumenical differences, and band together with one voice and face our enemy.


The American people are crying out to God! Do we not hear their cries? Do we not feel their pain? In all fairness to the American people we have to say, indeed we hear your cries and feel your pain and are crying out with you. It is the intent and purpose of United Pastors of America to organize the pastors of America and remind them of the great incumbency that was laid upon their hearts and shoulders from the time of Moses and Aaron to use God’s word to form and shape their culture. To achieve our goals, we intend to use every resource the Lord makes available to us. We realize that our enemy is Satan, that Spirit of Darkness, that has invaded our land and woven it’s will into the fabric of our culture. This is the same kind of battle that Elijah had to fight in the days of King Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel. This will be a gigantic undertaking and the only way we can obtain the victory is with the help of Almighty God.


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