The National Pulpit.Com is intended to be used as a platform to speak to the American people about our founding Judeo-Christian principles. From these principles, after much rigorous debate came our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. These two great documents guaranteed every citizen certain inalienable Rights such as Freedom of Speech, The Right to Bear Arms and Equal Justice under the Law. With the establishing and the guaranteeing of these Inalienable Rights we created a political component to our “Founding Judeo-Christian” principles. Our Founding Fathers understood that due to the depraved nature of man there would always be a determination to re-interpet the meaning of these guaranteed Rights. Therefore, they established the U.S. Supreme Court which would be the final authority relative to all of our laws.

Now our nation has established itself with a dual personality and in doing so has opened the door wide open for endless debate and strife. Sometimes this works to strengthen and solidify our nation, but sometimes it makes our nation divided and weaker to the point we no longer have a true identity. In other words, we don’t know who we are! Consequently, we have become a sharply divided nation with two distinctly different personalities. One is conservative and holds to our Founding Judeo-Christian principles, while the other personality is ultra- liberal and wants to give up our national sovereignty in favor of a one world government with open borders.

It is therefore the intent of The National Pulpit.com to offer a platform for political candidates who are sworn to uphold the above stated cherished and sacred values and present themselves to the American people in an open and unambiguous way. A fee is charged for this service.

Additionally, all participating candidates are required to uphold the following stated principles.

1) Strong support for President Trump and his agenda.

2) Build and maintain a security wall on our southern border.

3) A strong and ready military.

4) Eliminate national debt within 15 years.

5) Term limits for all elected officials including and amendment making them become employees of their respect states and come under the compensation plan of their states.

6) An amendment that requires the number of Supreme Court Justices be changed from 9 to 13 and a two- vote majority required on all cases to become law.

7) An amendment that requires the chronicled facts of the founding of our nation be taught in our schools beginning with the 7th grade through the 12th grade.

8) Get the federal government out of our education system and put it back in the states.

9) Eliminate foreign aid to other nations until our national debt is paid off.

10) Reverse Roe v. Wade except in cases of rape or incest.

11) Demand that members of congress and all federal employees be subjected to all laws the same as all other citizens.

12) Eliminate all social benefits for illegal aliens.

13) Uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

14) An amendment that makes our nations border security (air, land, sea and cyber) under the military and require at least a 3 star General in control under the President.