Our National Prayer

All Mighty God, Creator of the Universe and all things therein, The Supreme Sovereign and Ruler over all Thy creation, The Father of our nation and the Lord of our lives, we come before Thy Holy Presence and present our supplications before Thee. We acknowledge our personal sins before Thee and ask for Thy forgiveness through the shed blood of Thy Darling Son, Christ Jesus our Savior. Thou hast been so merciful and gracious to us, yet because of the pride and arrogance that is within us, we continually fail to properly express our gratitude to Thee as we ought to and neither do we walk humbly before Thee with reverence and Godly fear. Lord, not only do we confess our personal sins before Thee, but we also confess our national sins before Thee as well. Yes, as a nation that has been blessed by Thee more than any nation in the world, we confess that we have failed to follow the teachings of Thy Word and that we have walked before Thee in pride and arrogance and have not followed in the path of our fore fathers. As Ancient Israel committed the egregious sins of idol worship, Sabbath breaking and child sacrifice, we confess that we, as a nation are guilty of the same.

Because of these sins and others as well, Thou hast suffered the Spirit of Darkness to invade our land and weave it’s will into the fabric of our culture. As a result, much of our nation is no longer walking in the Light of the Lord, but rather in confusion and is no longer able to know right from wrong. Furthermore our nation has become sharply divided and we have been mourning for Thy deliverance for a long season. Father Thou hast heard our cries and blessed us with a strong and courageous leader. We humbly beseech Thee Lord, that Thou wilt bless our new leader, Donald J. Trump, that Thou wilt give him Light and wisdom and courage to lead our nation back to Thee. And though Thou hast blessed us with this rich blessing and hast manifest Thy self to us in a most glorious way, we know that the enemy yet lives in our midst and is making plans to yet destroy our nation. Lord, we beseech Thee to cast out this Spirit of Darkness from our land all together and that Thou wilt fill the heart and mind of Thy people with the Spirit of True repentance before Thee, that we may find peace and rest once again.

In Christ Name we pray,