Our Agenda

We the Pastors of United Pastors of America, being thankful to God for the privilege of working with others in the near future do herewith state our Agenda that we intend to diligently move forward with. This Agenda is intended to gain support from Pastors all over America that our voices may become a prevailing influence in our National, State, and Local political dialogs. It is our intent to vigorously advocate the following:

  • Place the 10 commandments in every school throughout our system of education.
  • Have the chronicled facts of the founding of our nation taught in our schools beginning at the seventh grade and continuing through the twelfth grade.
  • Require that respect for our flag be shown through out our culture. We believe that our right of free speech does not allow for disrespect of any kind to any extent to be shown to our flag.
  • We strongly advocate term limits for all of our elected Representatives and Senators and that they come under the compensation plans of their respective states. We also advocate that they be not allowed to pass into law any laws that they themselves are not subject to and that they shall not be eligible for compensation from federal funds.
  • Eliminate aid to foreign nations until our national debt of 23 trillion dollars has been paid in full.
  • Reverse our National Sin as allowed by the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade.
  • Eliminate all social and economic benefits for illegal aliens.
  • An amendment that places our Nation’s borders (air, land, sea and cyber) under the authority of our military with at least a 3-star General in control.