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As stated in our Mission Statement it is our intention to reach out to many churches, civic organizations, business leaders and conservative political entities throughout the nation. We also intend to reach out to individuals through Facebook and Twitter asking their help in passing on our web address, WWW.UNITEDPASTORSOFAMERICA.COM to their families and friends. This will require full time help to get the job done. If when you visit our web site and like what you see and would like to help with a small donation of $15, $20 or more per month to help with the expenses of this work it will be much appreciated. We feel very strongly that our nation is in deep trouble and our political leaders are so divided until they are not going to be able to get us back on the road we need to be traveling forward on. For this reason we are starting this grass roots movement and hoping to get our message out to as many Americans as fast as possible. This will take some advertising in select print media to begin with and will require significant finances.


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