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The team of United Pastors of America share a deep conviction, as God’s under shephareds, to lead our local churches and communities back to the authority of Scripture. We are currently partnering with other organizations who share a common goal-to see our Nation return to God.

If you would like to see your business or organization recognized on our website, please follow the link and fill out the application, and someone from our team will be in contact with you.

Ministry Partners

Pastor Donald B. Hazen

Founder and President of United Pastors of America.

Pastor Don Hazen was called into the ministry in his early 20’s but was not submissive to his calling for many years. During these years he studied the Scriptures daily from early morning to bedtime. He finally became submissive when he was about 30 years old and was Ordained as a Pastor after preaching only a few messages. His acceptance among his fellow pastors was very strong and he was often referred to as a Pastor’s Pastor. His gift of leadership together with being a visionary servant of God led him to a very successful ministry until he was 83 years old. At this time, failing health has caused him to give up his pastoral care of churches. It was then that the Lord led him to organize the pastors of several churches into United Pastors of America.com. Then the Lord opened the Scriptures to him in a very dramatic way, showing him that the anointed servants of God were given power and authority to use God’s word to shape and form the culture of each respective generation. The Lord also showed him that His anointed servants were to lift their voices in unison until they became the prevailing voices in their political dialog at every level, beginning at the national level down to the local level including their school board.

Dr. Kevan D. Kruse, D.C.

Dr. Kruse is the author of “The Covid Beast,” as well as a practicing Chiropractor in Brandon, Florida, for over 30 years. However, Dr. Kruse’s passion is teaching Bible prophecy. Dr. Kevan is also the President of the Board for Soilministries.org, a pipeline of vision and resources to Honduras. Lastly, Dr. Kevan and his wife, Alexandra, are the founders of the “Supernatural Junkies” podcast, which talks about all the “off-limits” subjects in the church. 

Pastor Anthony (Tony) Poncetti, Phd., Th.d

He is a licensed counselor.
“Love ye one another as I have loved you.”
-John 13:34

Dr. Ernest (Ernie) J. Rivera

Dr. Rivera is a Former U.S. Senator for Florida, candidate (2016). He completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology and Education at the University of Puerto Rico and his Graduate work in Administration and Supervision of Complex Organizations at New York University (NYU). He continued his Doctoral studies in Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Orlando, Florida

Dr. Rivera is a Federal Certified Manager of Housing (CMH) as well as a Federal Certified Financial Manager (CFM)

He has served in Ministry, Education and Business for over 40 years, accomplishing to establish over a dozen successful businesses and organizations as a Christian entrepreneur. He has worked in the educational field from the PreSchool level all the way up to Higher Education/University

Today he serves as a private consultant to Churches, Schools and Non- Profit Organizations

He has served in four Continents and the Caribbean Islands and travelled extensively to dozens of countries around the World

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