The following letter is being addressed to the county school board, which selects the curriculum being used in our county, and to both Governor DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran. Please stand with us by signing the attached signature sheet.

We the members of United Pastors of America, together with the many Christians whose names are attached hereto, are speaking out to totally reject and condemn the deliberate indoctrination and sexualization of our public school children under the guise of so-called ‘comprehensive sex education’. For far too long, the young and innocent have been improperly and illegally exposed to images, books, and language that are labeled as obscene, profane, and pornographic by state and federal law. These courses of instruction are heavily biased to destroy the solid, healthy, moral values of the traditional American family and replace them with sexual confusion, gender dysphoria, generational division, and promotion of lawless immorality and rebellion. This harmful and hateful agenda is being propagated in the deceptive name of health and safety, while children’s vulnerable and highly impressionable minds are dragged through the gutters by the very people they are taught to respect and admire. It is our strong and collective opinion that this conflict is much more than just politics, progress, or social reform. This is a concerted effort to obliterate the very fabric of our society. We see it’s effect in the growing upheaval with riots, destruction, and violence across our land. This is the physical manifestation of an age-old spiritual battle that many elitists and intellectuals deny the existence of. There is clearly more to this life than flesh and blood, bricks and mortar, or biology and physics.

As acknowledged in this great nation’s founding documents, we are a created people. As man alone could never accomplish all the good we have seen in life, so also, man alone could not produce all the evil we have seen oppose it. This determined effort to replace legitimate education with filth is literally the work of Satan and his minions, with influential power reaching into the highest levels from our federal government right down to the state, county, and local governments. This must stop. Attached are examples of laws being daily violated in public schools. See Appendix 1 and 2. We are determined not to allow this horrible assault to continue unchallenged. An ever growing number of pastors are addressing these issues from the pulpits across America. While we are fully aware that there are still many excellent, hard working teachers in the classrooms, there is a growing number whose primary agenda is to influence and pervert vulnerable children with their destructive philosophies. Satan is determined to destroy this nation which was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles by subverting our children. This is a fight our children can not afford to lose. We will continue to face this threat with every legal and just means available.

This battle is far more important than left versus right, or democrat versus republican! It is a battle between good and evil, between light and darkness, and between God and Satan. We address this crucial issue, hoping that you and other leaders will have the courage to help reverse the destructive dynamics that are being falsely presented as education, along with the propagandists pushing it. Our constitution declares that we were created and have unalienable rights. Paramount to those rights, is the provision of an education that is good and righteous. We must reevaluate what that education should include to keep it right and appropriate, as well as both the qualifications and agenda of it’s providers. It is time for action to protect the lives and futures of our children.




Donald Hazen, President
United Pastors of America